Super Coupon Woman Has Failed :)

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to apologize for the delay of bringing Christmas deals to help out with the holiday stress. I went down to take care of my brother and mom for a month and on the day before I came back, I got really sick. My mom has been recovering from Pnuemonia and has gotten it four times within a year due to her age. I know they say you cannot catch it, but I feel I did as I caught it right away, yet it didn’t help me from getting extremely sick. I still have conjestion and that annoying cough after three weeks! I have my strength and motivation back at least. I am back to trying to post more regularly and bring some deals your way!

Update: As of 12/30..I am still sick! Hoping to get better in the next few days. I want to stop being that annoying person with a cough and my voice to stop sounding like a frog!

Happy Shopping!

Super Coupon Woman

Super Coupon Woman Holiday Deals Of The Day!

Super Coupon Woman is bringing you deals each day to help relieve the stress of the holidays while also trying to find unique gifts to fit each person on your gift list:

Today’s Deals are:

Coffee Lover’s

Family Game Night

White Elephant

Stressed out Mom’s Gift

Grandma & Grandpa

Holiday Party Tools

Happy Shopping!

Super Coupon Woman

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