Current Projects

Current Projects:

Super Coupon Woman Foundation will help families in need this holiday season for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Any donations to help out with this project is appreciated. Remember Super Coupon Woman can take $5.00 and turn it into 20, no donation is too small to count. Click on the button below to donate:

Super Coupon Woman’s New Book to be released hopefully sometime in Jaunary…Still debating about the Title….

I will continue to collect donations throughout 2016, hoping to get back into couponing more to donate much needed items that we need when going through tough times such as food, and HBA items. Goal: $15,000

I would like to find new ways to raise funds for the Super Coupon Woman Foundation so not as much has to come out of my own budget, as I need to save for a rainy day, after all I will be turning the magical 50 this year…I know, I can’t believe it either!

Completed Projects:

2015 $50,000 Donation Challenge…Super Coupon Foundation CEO Tina M. Klein also known as Super Coupon Woman is challenged herself (Me) to turn in $50,000 in donation in 2015…Due to financial issues, I was not able to reach the full amount, but reached my second goal of $30,000. Total amount reached $33,500 …I will continue to collect donations in 2016 to reach my $100,000 goal..Amount needed: $15,000 No problem!

10,000 Holiday Gift Donation…In April 2014, I challenged myself to donate $5,000 in holiday Gift Donations for $750 until someone said “$10,000 just sounds so much better!” Really? I worked on the first $5,000 first…I really did not think I was going to make it, at the beginning, the totals were adding up really slow. I work two jobs so had very little time to get it done! Somehow I accomplished the $5,000..I came across some really good sales and was able to do the remaining $5,000 in one day…which gives me a lot of hope that I will make my $50,000 Challenge in 2015!

Check out my 2014 Holiday Challenge..I collected over 700 Gifts valued at $10,155.00 spending only $1,450.00 which is an AMAZING 85% Savings! I have indeed proved that I am the one and only SUPER COUPON WOMAN!!!

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