Super Coupon Woman’s 2018 Get Out Of Debt Journey

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to get out of Debt this year. I had a lot of financial issues come up while I was paying it forward so this year I decided to take a break on the spending part of paying it forward and only use donated items or items I get free from couponing to help others. Sounds silly, but it’s really hard to just focus on myself…I would rather help others, but getting out of debt will be so awesome! So here is my progress so far!

Bills As Follows:

Rent 825.00

Car 357.00

Insurance 320.00 (100 for Hannah that I am paying until august from first loan I made from her)
Misc: 200.00 (prepaid electric, rental insurance, and credit cards)

Total: 1,355.00

Other Debt:
Rise Loan: Oct 1,600
Amazon: Jan 2017 $2,000 Oct: $1500.00
Capital One: January 2017 $500 Oct $500.00
Capital One: January 2017 $500 Sept 500.00
Milestone: Oct:265.00
Target: Jan 2017 $800 Oct:900,00
Victoria Secret: Jan 2017 750.00 Oct: $0
Kohl’s: January 300 Oct: 400.00
Finger Hut Sept: $0.00
Way fair Sept: $300

Hannah: January 3,225.00 for Deposits, Pet Fee, and Rent, and balance due from first loan
As Of Oct.: 0 Paid In Full…So happy to finally have this girl paid off, but so grateful for her help.
Mom: Jan $400.00 May…0 Paid:)
Loan: Jan 2017 2000 Feb: 0~Paid 🙂

Feb 2017 Total: 9,690.00 2017 Debt Total: 19,500.00
Oct 2018 Total:6,415.00 Includes New Debt
Debt Paid: 13,100.00

I way overspent for Christmas! Debt went up 500 even though I paid 500, but those that remember know I suffered a devastating fire in 2016 and our Christmas decorations were lost. Last year everyone was super depressed and was not in the Christmas spirit, so we bought a lot of decorations this year to have a better holiday this year. It costs more than you would think to replace. Way overbought in general…hoping to budget better next year, I can still recover fairly quickly from it all. I also had to take the pets to the vet and lost my phone that I had to replace that were unexpected expenses.

Update: Have not done very well on spending this year I feel. Struggling with job loss in July and family member health issues is making me not be able to secure a job until things are slightly back to normal…Estimating about six weeks, so debt went back up. Hopefully will get back on track soon.