Super Coupon Woman’s Work At Home Income Update :)

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry I have not posting like I promised, but it’s hard when life continues to pick on me and I am doing everything I can to keep motivated and stay positive.

I have continued to look for work at home jobs or jobs that you can set your own schedule. I have had some success and also found out there are some jobs I thought I would like and didn’t. So if you have been wanting to work at home or thinking about it in the future, please keep in mind there might be some trial and error as you find the right fit for you.

I have tried lots of different opportunities and even mystery shopped full time for a few months, but it’s so hard waiting on payments. Most are 30 days and some are sixty. At one time I was waiting on 1,300.00 in payments!

I also got a job as a mystery shopping scheduler, but at an office and due to a family emergency they decided not to let me stay on. That’s okay though, I am at a point that family is first. I have put in 90 hours a week for jobs and they didn’t care about me so I don’t care how many jobs I need to go through to find the right fit 🙂 There are too many to be sad over (although I am a little sad about this one due to a steady weekly paycheck would have been nice for a change.)

I do have a work at home job that is non disclosure, but need something to go along with it to make the income I need. I will find it though. I had tried merchandising which was great due to a flexible schedule and getting out of the house some, but once merchandising season was in full force, it became too much for my hurt arm, so now I actively search for some work at home jobs that have a flexible schedule due to needing to be there for my family at a moments notice when I am needed.

Below is an update of my monthly income I have been able to generate since the beginning of the year.

Jan Income:

  • BVA 285.00
  • SASR 650.00
  • Driveline 100.00
  • NorthFork 120.00
  • Sinclair 28.00
  • Bare 20.00
  • Trend Source 14.00
  • ACL 10.00

Total: $1229

    Feb Income:

  • BVA 285
  • Intellishop: 40
  • HS Brands: 95
  • Sinclair 14
  • Ispos: 24
  • RG Ridgeway 10
  • TrendSource: 14
  • Northfork: 105
  • Trend Source: 10
  • Bare: 20
  • Ath Power: 45
  • Total: 1500

    March Income:

  • BVA : 300
  • North Fork: 60
  • Jancyn: 100
  • Bare 34
  • Mintel: 75
  • Sinclair 14
  • Confero: 20
  • Driveline: 130
  • Ath Power: 225
  • Total : 1000

  • April Income:

  • Short Term Job: 400
  • Bva: 300
  • Ipsos: 100
  • Jancyn: 100
  • Customer Impact: 250
  • Intelli Shop: 60
  • Total: 1200
  • So as you can see, you need to join several different mystery shopping companies to create an income. I have taken a small break in May due to the set back of the job situation and am helping at my company at The Gazebo Factory because we are very busy and am needed there. Even though I am under financial stress, I am happier not putting up with a job I hate or people that do not treat me well.

    Hoping to post more regularly, maybe I will shoot for once a week instead of daily because I sure failed at that one 🙂

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