Super Coupon Woman’s Work At Home Income Update :)

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry I have not posting like I promised, but it’s hard when life continues to pick on me and I am doing everything I can to keep motivated and stay positive.

I have continued to look for work at home jobs or jobs that you can set your own schedule. I have had some success and also found out there are some jobs I thought I would like and didn’t. So if you have been wanting to work at home or thinking about it in the future, please keep in mind there might be some trial and error as you find the right fit for you.

I have tried lots of different opportunities and even mystery shopped full time for a few months, but it’s so hard waiting on payments. Most are 30 days and some are sixty. At one time I was waiting on 1,300.00 in payments!

I also got a job as a mystery shopping scheduler, but at an office and due to a family emergency they decided not to let me stay on. That’s okay though, I am at a point that family is first. I have put in 90 hours a week for jobs and they didn’t care about me so I don’t care how many jobs I need to go through to find the right fit 🙂 There are too many to be sad over (although I am a little sad about this one due to a steady weekly paycheck would have been nice for a change.)

I do have a work at home job that is non disclosure, but need something to go along with it to make the income I need. I will find it though. I had tried merchandising which was great due to a flexible schedule and getting out of the house some, but once merchandising season was in full force, it became too much for my hurt arm, so now I actively search for some work at home jobs that have a flexible schedule due to needing to be there for my family at a moments notice when I am needed.

Below is an update of my monthly income I have been able to generate since the beginning of the year.

Jan Income:

  • BVA 285.00
  • SASR 650.00
  • Driveline 100.00
  • NorthFork 120.00
  • Sinclair 28.00
  • Bare 20.00
  • Trend Source 14.00
  • ACL 10.00

Total: $1229

    Feb Income:

  • BVA 285
  • Intellishop: 40
  • HS Brands: 95
  • Sinclair 14
  • Ispos: 24
  • RG Ridgeway 10
  • TrendSource: 14
  • Northfork: 105
  • Trend Source: 10
  • Bare: 20
  • Ath Power: 45
  • Total: 1500

    March Income:

  • BVA : 300
  • North Fork: 60
  • Jancyn: 100
  • Bare 34
  • Mintel: 75
  • Sinclair 14
  • Confero: 20
  • Driveline: 130
  • Ath Power: 225
  • Total : 1000

  • April Income:

  • Short Term Job: 400
  • Bva: 300
  • Ipsos: 100
  • Jancyn: 100
  • Customer Impact: 250
  • Intelli Shop: 60
  • Total: 1200
  • So as you can see, you need to join several different mystery shopping companies to create an income. I have taken a small break in May due to the set back of the job situation and am helping at my company at The Gazebo Factory because we are very busy and am needed there. Even though I am under financial stress, I am happier not putting up with a job I hate or people that do not treat me well.

    Hoping to post more regularly, maybe I will shoot for once a week instead of daily because I sure failed at that one 🙂

Super Coupon Woman Side Income Progress Update!

So I told everyone I would update on my Side Hustle & Work From Home Progress. It’s been a busy week for me, last week I was on Vacation and next week I will be going down to take care of my family for awhile because my brother is having heart surgery. My goal is to work with no supervision, so I want some jobs to do at home but it’s okay if they are not 100% remote if they have flexibility. The best job for that is Mystery Shopping or Merchandising. These companies offer projects that are due within a certain time frame, so as long as they get done during that time, it’s okay to do whenever fits into your schedule. I was trying to make some extra side income before I go stay next week with my family. It was raining and next week seems to be where all the jobs are but that’s okay, I have been doing a lot of training on different things which will allow me to accept more assignments. On my past few posts, you will see that I have been trying lots of different opportunites, and some have not worked out. I am adding the ones that worked out for me along with new opportunities from this week so you won’t have to search for them. Please add referral id as: if they ask for one.

I am now certified to do on site business inspections, various auditing, and compliance jobs. I even found a copy that is going to let me work where I am going while I am there, and then have work for me when I am back home. I thought that was super nice. The company is: Driveline Merchandising Click on the link to see if they have positions in your area.

Trend Source Click on the link to sign up with Trend Source who has a variety of projects and lots to choose from. The have the onsite inspections and healthcare compliance shops but you do need to be certified which can be done by following the steps on their website.

IPSOS I got certified to do banking shops and the also offer a variety of other shops to choose from like smart phone inquiry’s, shipping, and more!

Call Center Mystery Shopping I got accepted to be a mystery shopper by doing phone calls at home. Super excited for this one.

Northfork Research Online shopping evaluations and they have a variety of other shops to choose from also.

Gig Spot Gig Spot connects you with mystery shopping and market research companies. Several Mystery Shopping opportunities to choose from.

Jancyn I absolutely love this mystery shopping company. Different mystery shops that include various retail shops. Please use Tina Klein as referral name and if they ask for my email.

Intelli-Shop I love this mystery shopping company also. Plenty of shops to choose from as well as a variety and easy to work with. You do have to contact scheduler to reschedule, but I did so without any problem.

Sentry Marketing I have not used them as much as I should, but they have lots of different mystery shops to choose from. I will be doing one Monday for them.

I Secret Shop Has several shops to choose from including web and phone shops. Easy to use, I have done one for them and plan on doing more.

EPMS Mystery Shopping I am signed up but have not done one yet, they are apartment shops and pay $25.00 so can add up quickly. Reports will need to provide precise details. Some shoppers really love to do these.

So Once I am in a routine, I should be able to make a enough from each of these companies to pay my bills, I will always keep searching and will continue to document my successes and failures. If you are new to mystery shopping, keep in mind the more you do them, the easier they are. I have actually been a mystery shopper for 9 years, but am just now having the courage to try some of the new projects such as business verifications etc, so don’t get frustrated or give up. Just like a regular job, you will have good days and bad days where nothing goes as planned 🙂