Hi, I’m Tina Klein, Better Known as Super Coupon Woman!

Curious where the name Super Coupon Woman Came From? It came from a target cashier that was impressed by one of my weekly shopping trips and checking out over $100.00 worth of items and not having to hand over any money after coupons. 0 out of pocket is the best!

As a single mom of three girls, I have always struggled financially. I started Couponing in 2008 and was able to save so much money that I have been able to donate over 250k (to date) to my community with the power of coupons.

I have written a book to share my inspiring pay it forward story and teach others how to coupon in easy to follow step by step instructions to help save money in everyday life.  Not only do I show you how to save money with your grocery budget but I share how you can save up to 70-85% in retail value catching the sales and then adding 20% coupon savings! Mix it with some free shipping, what could be better than that?

I am offering the E-book version for only,99 which is my way of helping everyone save money and learn how to coupon while reading an empowering pay it forward story also.

Did you know Super Coupon Woman auditioned twice for the TLC Extreme Couponing Show? Featured Below is the audition I submitted. I was upset that they did not pick me, but I realize now I was too nervous during the presentation. I am fine in front of a TV camera but not when my family or friends are filming 🙂


Check out my YouTube Channel for more videos of the challenges and donations I have done to keep donating a priority and inspiring others to do the same.

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Happy Saving!

Super Coupon Woman