About Me

I am a single mom of three girls that have all grown up on me and am proud to call my best friends. I began couponing in October of 2008 because the girls became so expensive going into their teen years. A target cashier said to me “Wow, you really are Super Coupon Woman” when she rang up over $100.00 in items and my total came to zero. I have been Super Coupon Woman ever since.

I decided to start donating to my local food pantry that had helped me when the girls were younger right after my divorce and trying to make everything work as a single mom. I not only wanted to donate myself but to inspire others to donate to their local food pantries as well.

I started creating challenges for myself to keep donating a priority and reaching out to the news stations to see if they would be interested in sharing my story. My challenge totals would get higher each time. I challenged myself to $500 and then 1,000, $10,000 and $50,000 which led to me helping a lot of people.

I also created the $100,000 coupon challenge on facebook where couponers nationwide could share their donations with the goal of reaching $100k throughout the year and to show how couponing can really make a difference. Together, we shared over $600k in donations. It was hard to get everyone to share their donations on a regular basis, so we haven’t done it the past few years.

I wrote a book teaching how to coupon, save money, and share my pay it forward journey of reaching $100,000 in donations as a single mom. My book is called “Cutting Hunger One Coupon At A Time” I offer the kindle version for only .99 to help more people save money for their family and inspire them to pay it forward in their communities.

It has been an honor to donate to my community  and inspire others to do the same. To date I  have donated well over $700,000 and will always continue to pay it forward to help those in need.

Happy Couponing!

Super Coupon Woman