Super Coupon Woman Sharing Dave Ramsey’s Financial Reset 2021

Hi Everyone,

As I said a few days ago, I will be focused on posts that encourage us to save money instead of spending money. I just watched the Dave Ramsey Financial Reset 2021 and wanted to share for those that missed it or need a little encouragement to get back on track. I am going to try out to knock out 11,000 personal debt this year. It’s been staying the same the past few years due to murphy’s law over and over again. So I am hoping this is the year I can finally be consumer debt free and have a little savings in the bank. If you want share your debt journey and how much you want to knock out this year! Let’s do this!

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Caroline Federowicz
Caroline Federowicz
2 months ago

Where do you post your coupon deals? I am new to this site, and I can’t figure it out!

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