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Free Activities to do with Family to help with the Winter Blues!

Hi Everyone!

For those that do not know, Super Coupon Woman lives in the state of Texas and we are going through a “Winter Storm” so I have been stuck in the house even more than the usual restrictions COVID has brought our way. I imagine everyone around the US is experiencing the same thing. Those that are not used to the snow or like the cold are probably getting cabin fever, so I thought I would give some ideas of doing things as a family to help kick these winter blues and stay warm while doing so!

This would be a great time to research your family tree with the children to help them learn about their heritage and learn.

Gather the whole family together and find out what each one loves to do and pick a day out of the week to do each one’s favorite activity 🙂

Cleaning and declutter day or week and get the kids involved explaining how the items they no longer need can go to someone that could really use them and they are not only helping someone else but recycling by not throwing these items away.

An indoor family treasure hunt. Hide money, snacks, and anything else you can think of that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Fun movie night with everything included: popcorn, boxed candy, hot chocolate, and let the kids build a fort or tent to fall asleep in when they can’t stay up any longer!

An indoor picnic with your children. Pack a basket of their favorite foods, spread out a blanket and chat about some of their favorite things.

Create an indoor beach party!. Set up some beach chairs, a beach ball, and drinking fruity drinks with little umbrellas in the middle of the living room, put on some music and have fun!

Make sure as a family that everyone is getting enough sleep and eating well so everyone will be feeling their best to reduce tension while having to stay indoors more than usual.

An indoor family photo shoot with outfits to dress up in that will be fun and have memories to keep.

Have write in their journal for 30 minutes a day and then have a day that everyone makes a story out of it! Everyone can read their stories to each other out loud once everyone is done!

Even though it’s cold outside, get a little time outside and make sure that everyone is getting enough exercise each day.

Write thank you cards to your friends, neighbors, or service people.

Create a Scrapbook together as a family.

Find a new hobby that can be done together with the family.

Have a family game night with board games with grab bags or prizes to win.

Share your favorite winter blues activities with everyone!

Super Coupon Woman